A More In-depth Weekly Summary for Week #8 (2/22 – 3/15)

A short little summary is in store for everyone this week! Spring Break has come and gone, and in its wake comes a new brand of work! That’s right, we’re finishing up the Radio Show!

The completed project will be embedded below this sentence when it is available! (its here!)

In the meantime, you can look at a detailed summary regarding my group and I’s progress during the two-week period we left you on! Check it out by following this link here.

And, finally, here are the TDC’s done for this particular week!

Working on the Radio Show with the rest of my group has been an absolute pleasure and treasure. I’m proud of our final product, and I can’t wait for everyone to tune in to listen. It’s a real fun ride, and I had a lot of fun creating content for it–both to advertise and for the show itself!

Remember to tune in to the Secret Agent Power Hour! Until then.

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